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Two Black Web Kingman Turquoise Cabochons

Product Code: JH039
Stone Type: Kingman Turquoise
Two Black Web Kingman Turquoise Cabochons
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  • Here are two choice Kingman Turquoise with Black Spiderweb Matrix hand cut by Bill King, owner of the Manassa Turquoise Mine and one of the finest Turquoise cutters in the United States. Just Bill's cut of stone makes these two cabochons above and beyond any other Kingman Turquoise Webbed Cabochons you will find and it really shows once they are put in a piece of Jewelry. The smaller over is actually larger than standard at approximately 12.5mm x 21.5mm and the larger oval measures 13.5mm x 29mm. Together they weigh 21.5 carats and are priced at $10.00 per carat.
    Many of you know what is going on in China and if you do not - China has bought up most all of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise which has made its value go up over 300% in the past 6 months. They are now onto Kingman Turquoise and we believe the same thing will happen to it! In talking to the Colbaugh's, they are shipping a major share of their Turquoise to China! We think it is very possible you will not be able to purchase the Black Web Kingman Turquoise much longer. So, if you want a Black Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise Cabochon, you had better think about purchasing it now!