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Sugilite Garnet And Tortoise Turquoise Pendant

Product Code: DSP00037
Stone Type: Tortoise Turquoise
Sugilite Garnet And Tortoise Turquoise Pendant
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  • Three Stone Chandelier Sugilite, Garnet And Tortoise Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant. Handmade by John Hartman. Top grade natural Sugilite paired with a second pendant of highgrade natural Tortoise Nevada Turquoise and Garnet. Lost of movement. Great show peice.

    The Sugilite stone measures : 13.35mm long X 9.17mm wide. The Garnet stone measures : 9.61mm long X 7.52mm wide. The Tortoise Turquoise stone measures : 19.74mm long X 12.63mm wide. Total hanging length is : 3 1/4" long.
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