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Stampwork Natural Sugilite Pendant

Product Code: DSP00128
Stone Type: Sugilite
Stampwork Natural Sugilite Pendant
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  • Vernon Begay Stampwork Natural Sugilite Pendant

    Although this amulet was Native American handmade it looks more spanish in design. Famed Navajo Jewelry artisan Vernon Begay created this fine Stampwork Natural Sugilite Pendant with not only the amazing stone in mind, but also the fancy design of the silver work. You will love the masterful hand stamped designs in this amulet, not to mention the hand fluted raindrop designs that accent each of the four corners of the piece. The focal point of this Stampwork Natural Sugilite Pendant is a top gem grade, natural Sugilite cabochon from the now closed Wessel's mine in South Africa which was cut by John Hartman. This rare piece of Sugilite also called "Royal Lavulite" is a beautiful bright purple color with black manganese matrix and a dot of Bustamite. This natural gemstone cabochon is set in a classic Sterling Silver bezel and surrounded by a fine rope or cable design. This Stampwork Natural Sugilite Pendant hangs from a larger handmade Sterling Silver bale which is accented with hand stamped designs and fluted raindrops. The detail that Vernon Begay has put into this pendant is great and it will be a phenomenal addition to your Gemstone Silver Jewelry collection. American Indian handmade in the USA, this silver and Sugilite amulet features the Native American Jewelry hallmark "VB" and is stamped Sterling.

    Stampwork Natural Sugilite Pendant:

    This handmade Sterling Silver amulet features a 17 carat cabochon of top gem grade, natural purple Sugilite from South Africa. The Vernon Begay Pendant with Sugilite measures 3 inches long X 1 1/8 inch wide.
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