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Square White Buffalo Cabochon Earring Pair

Product Code: DSC416
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Square White Buffalo Cabochon Earring Pair
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  • Square White Turquoise Earring Pair

    Take a look at these beautiful hand cut, square shaped, "White Turquoise" earring pair. This gemstone earring pair is perfect matches. These beautiful cabochons will make amazing earrings. The so called "White Turquoise" cabochons are lightly backed for ease of setting in jewelry. White Turquoise is the street name used by jewelers, stone cutters, and consumers alike for this material. White Buffalo has not been proven to be Turquoise.

    Square White Turquoise Earring Pair:

    This cabochon lot weighs 21 carats. The stones measure approx: 5/8 inch long X 1/2 inch wide each side.