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Spiny Oyster Jacla Bead Earrings

Product Code: Earrings004
Stone Type: Spiny Oyster
Spiny Oyster Jacla Bead Earrings
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  • Spiny Oyster Jacla Bead Earrings

    Own a piece of history made modern. These American Indian Earrings are a modernized version of the classic jacla or jatal that Navajo Native Americans wore daily and for ceremony. The Navajo say the richer the tribe member the bigger and more jacla will hang from their heishi necklace. This pair of Spiny Oyster Jacla Bead Earrings feature the highly desirable blazing orange color of natural Spiny Oyster Shell. Traditionally these bead jewelry earrings would have been made of Turquoise found locally and Spiny Oyster Shell or other sea shells trade from South American Tribes. The use of solid orange shell brings these Spiny Oyster Jacla Bead Earrings into the modern times. Having the bead earrings made of solid shell rather then mixed with genuine Turquoise makes these dangle earrings much lighter. The bottom of these gemstone bead drop earrings are decorated with small orange Spiny Oyster Shell tab beads. The top of the Spiny Oyster Jacla Bead Earrings are finished off with Sterling Silver round beads, cone beads and Sterling Silver French Wires. Fine examples of modern Native American Jewelry, these Spiny Oyster Shell bead earrings would make a great addition to any Silver Jewelry or Bead Jewelry collection. American Indian handmade in America.

    Spiny Oyster Jacla Bead Earring Details:

    The earrings ( left and right sides together ) weighs 14 grams. Total length is 3 1/2 inches long.