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Spiny Oyster Gaspeite Sugilite and Lime Green Turquoise Dinner Ring

Product Code: DSR00398
Stone Type: Multi Stone
Spiny Oyster Gaspeite Sugilite and Lime Green Turquoise Dinner Ring
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  • Size 9
  • Quantity
  • Fancy, Victorian Style Four Stone, Spiny Oyster, Gaspeite, Sugilite and Lime Green Turquoise Dinner Ring by John Hartman. This is a very unique large women’s dinner ring. This ring features a freeform lime green Sheep Springs spider web Turquoise cabochon, a triangular Gaspeite cabochon, a triangular orange Spiny Oyster shell cabochon, and a trillion cut royal purple Sugilite cabochon. These for high grade natural gemstones are separated by fancy raindrops and Victorian repose designs. This is all set atop a heavy sterling silver three-prong cable design shank. This multicolor gemstone sterling silver ring was artisan handcrafted in Durango, Colorado USA and is hallmarked “Durango Silver .925 and J. Hartman”.

    The Sugilite stone measures : 12.49mm long X 11.73mm wide. The Spiny Oyster Shell measures : 17.71mm long X 10.24mm wide. The Gaspeite measures : 11.56mm long X 5.52mm wide. The Lime Green Turquoise measures : 16.96mm long X 13.85mm wide. The ring weighs 28 grams and the shank is 2.03mm thick X 8.37mm wide. The ring is a size 9.

    ( 1 Inch = 25.4 mm )
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