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Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise And Gold Pendant

Product Code: DSP00437
Stone Type: Kingman Turquoise
Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise And Gold Pendant
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  • Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise And Gold Pendant

    Would you like an iconic piece of American Turquoise jewelry? Crystal Hartman has created a real masterpiece here. A stellar piece of high grade natural Kingman Spiderweb Turquoise from Nevada, USA is the focal point of this American handmade Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise and Gold Pendant. The water web and spiderweb matrix in this 22ct baby blue natural Turquoise cab is considered one of the rarest look from the Kingman Turquoise mine in Kingman, Arizona USA. This grade of NATURAL Kingman Turquoise is less than 5% of the material that has come out of this prolific Arizona Turquoise mine. This ultra rare natural Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise cabochon is held into this unique piece of high end Turquoise Jewelry with handmade 14k yellow gold prongs that mimic plant leaves. The whole back of this piece is a designed as broad plant leaves and is very intricate. This type of design is very time consuming. Crystal puts a lot of time effort and thought into each of her designs, and especially when she is working in gold and with our quality Turquoise gemstones. This Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise and Gold Pendant is hung from a matching yellow gold bale that features a matching leaf design. This fabulous 14k yellow gold pendant with natural Turquoise would be the highlight of any serious gold jewelry or Turquoise Jewelry collector’s loot. American handmade in Durango, Colorado USA, this Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise and Gold Ring is stamped 14k for fourteen carat gold.

    Spiderweb Kingman Turquoise And Gold Pendant Details:

    The stone measures : 1 1/4 inches long X 5/8 inch wide. The pendant weighs 17 grams. Total length is 1 3/4 inches long ( including the bale ) X 3/4 inch wide.
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