Our Specialty is Handcrafted Turquoise Jewelry
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Specialty Items

Rare and Specialty Items

We have many items that that do not fit in our typical Jewelry categories. Unique items such as custom Inlaid Turquoise Knives, Bolo ties, Cuff Links, and specialty items! As in all of our items, we specialize in High Grade Gemstones and Natural American Turquoise.

Specialty Southwest Indian and Turquoise Items

Being Traders to the Native American Indians for over 40 years, we have many items that that do not fit in our typical Jewelry categories. If you are an Antique American Indian memorabilia collector or like unusual Indian or Turquoise Items, check back often to see what we have added to this category.

The Hartman family has been in the southwest for generations and collecting old Native American Indian items has been part of their history. We have a lot of old and new Indian items that we will be putting in this category regularly.

From Antique Plains Indian Beadwork, Indian Baskets, Navajo Rugs, Pueblo Indian Pottery to other Antique Indian collectibles – we have a lot and will keep adding it to this category.

We also have and acquire unusual Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry items such as Bolo Ties, Turquoise Hair Barrettes, Navajo Buttons and other that we will include in these pages.

We carry Turquoise handled handmade Knives by Dave Kopec. Dave makes beautiful handmade knives of various styles with the use of quality authentic Turquoise. From folding knives to sheathed knives, check out the great Turquoise handled collectors knives made by Dave Kopec.