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SnowVille Variscite Cabochon

Product Code: JH049
Stone Type: SnowVille Variscite
SnowVille Variscite Cabochon
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  • SnowVille Variscite Cabochon - This is a very unusual and rare Cabochon from the SnowVille Mine located in Utah. It was hand cut by John Hartman from the Durango Silver Collection and you will never find another like it! The SnowVille Mine has a long history in the gemstone industry of the American Southwest. It was descovered many years ago and became cherished by everyone who owned a piece of Jewelry with it. An unfortunate situation developed with individuals going in and robbing the mine and the owner got vilently mad over it, shut the mine down and for the past several decades SnowVille Variscite has been out of the picture. John and Dillon have accumulated a small collection of rough and occationally cut it, it is rare that we sell SnowVille Cabochons but we want to have rare cabochons that nobody else has so here it is! This stone measures approximately 19mm x 52mm which is very large - it weighs over 64 carats and is priced at $8.00 per carat - that is a rare find!