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Smoky Bisbee Turquoise Pendant

Product Code: DSP00387
Stone Type: Bisbee Turquoise
Smoky Bisbee Turquoise Pendant
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  • Smoky Bisbee Turquoise in a Sterling Silver Pendant Setting by Ben Yazzi

    This Smoky Bisbee Turquoise Pendant is a great piece for that lady who wants a lovely Turquoise Pendant that is above and beyond most Native American Indian Turquoise Pendants. The rare Bisbee Turquoise Gemstone is from the Durango Silver Company collection, it is fine quality natural smoky Bisbee Turquoise that was hand cut by John Hartman. The beautiful silverwork was created by Ben Yazzie, which is one of our favourite Navajo Silversmiths. Ben did a wonderful job creating this unusual piece that accents this rare gemstone, it is has beautifully hand stamped and unusually tooled Silver then is different than most Navajo silverwork that we usually see. This is a very nice Smoky Bisbee Turquoise Pendant.

    Smoky Bisbee Turquoise

    Smoky Bisbee Turquoise is a rare formation in Turquoise and only found in Bisbee Turquoise. Turquoise is a sedimentary gemstone, water from the surface of the earth flows through copper, aluminium sulphites and iron to make a solution that flows downward into voids in the earth, it then agatize's over millions of years. We believe smoky Bisbee Turquoise was formed by the solution flowing into a void in the earth that has either moist mud or fine dust - as the solution flows into the void the smoky matrix is mixed into the Turquoise solution. This is just a theory.

    You can trust us at Durango Silver Company for knowledge on Turquoise and Bisbee Turquoise, we have been collecting high grade American Turquoise for over 40 years and we have one of the finest collections of Bisbee Turquoise in the world - maybe the best! You can see other Bisbee Turquoise Rings by typing "Bisbee Turquoise in the search box to the upper left hand side of this page.

    This Smoky Bisbee Turquoise Pendant is a very nice piece and we highly recommend it!

    The stone measures : 5/8 inch long X 1/2 inch wide. The pendant weighs 16 grams. Total length is 2 inches long ( including the bale ) X 1 inch wide.