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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cabs - Pair

Product Code: DSSB010
Stone Type: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cabs - Pair
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  • Here are two great Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cabochons hand cut by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. Both of these beautiful Turquoise Stones are unique and distintive as they are not cut by a machine and they are hand cut by a professional stonecutter that cuts all of his gemstones by hand - John Hartman. These two Sleeping Beauty Gemstones have supurb color and clarity, they are beautiful! The teardrop measures approximately 21mm x 13mm and the oval measures aproximately 24mm x 9mm, both are larger Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stones and together they weigh over 19 carats. They are price at $5.00 per carat at $95.00.