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Sleeping Beauty Cab

Product Code: DSC319
Stone Type: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Sleeping Beauty Cab
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  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stone

    This is an authentic natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gemstone from Globe, Arizona. It has an Arizona true blue coloration and has been cut from our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Collection that was accumulated many years ago by the Hartman family. This cabochon weighs 5 carats and measures 7mm x 18mm. It is one-of-a-kind that was hand cut here at Durango Silver Company.

    Authentic Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

    Sleeping Beauty Turquoise has become one of the most important Turquoise mines in the world due to its clear true blue colorations. It was first found by the ancient Native American Anasazi Indian and maybe earlier. At this time the Turquoise was mined with hand tools and small pieces were collected. The baby blue or "Robin's Egg" blue Turquoise was mainly used as beads and on shells that the Native American tribes of the American Southwest had traded for with the Native Tribes of central and South America. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise also made its way to Pueblo Bonito during the Anasazi times along with Turquoise from other deposits in the Southwest. Pueblo Bonito was at its heyday around 1100 A.D. and served as a trade center for the Turquoise trade with North American Tribes, Central American Tribes and South American Tribes. Since this time, the Sleeping Beauty mine was developed by Anglo peoples in search of Copper and other minerals.
    In recent years, the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine was under contract by Monty Nichols. Nichols is said to have "Torn down a mountain" to find the famous Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, a figure of speech, of how much work the he has done to uncover this stone that has become an worldwide icon.
    Today 2014, the mine has been out of production of nearly two years. There is still Turquoise in the mine, however, with reclamation and new mining restrictions it is uncertain if mining will ever be able to continue. Generally speaking, most of the Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine must be stabilized, especially when used in Turquoise Beads and unbacked Cabochons. Durango Silver Company was fortunate in obtaining a fairly large accumulation of high-quality, hard, and good colored natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and this is what we cut and offer.
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