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Silver Saddle Ring with Spiderweb Turquoise

Product Code: DSR01054
Stone Type: Tibetan Turquoise
Silver Saddle Ring with Spiderweb Turquoise
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  • Size 11
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  • Classic Saddle Ring Spiderweb Turquoise

    Here is an American Jewelry classic. This beautiful Tibetan Turquoise and Silver Saddle Ring by Bill Anderson of Durango Silver Company is very heavy duty. The ring was built as a saddle ring. This means the silver ring band is round all the way around your finger and thus, fits it like a quality saddle fits a horse. This is one of the hardest types of rings to build by hand. The crowning jewelry of this Silver Ring with Spiderweb Turquoise is a top gem grade rectangular cabochon of genuine Tibetan Turquoise. This natural gemstone is a deep blue color and features almost perfect black spider web Turquoise. This look of real Turquoise is considered the most valuable and is highly collectible. This rare gemstone was simply bezel set and then surrounded by a rope or cable design. The top and bottom of the stone was decorated by a nice saw work design. This is all set atop a classy Art Deco style silver ring band. It is certain that if this Spiderweb Turquoise Ring makes it into your silver jewelry or Turquoise Jewelry collection it will not be in your jewelry box much. Artisan handcrafted in Durango, Colorado USA, this blue Turquoise ring features the jewelry hallmark “Durango .925”.

    Sterling Silver & Deep Blue Spiderweb Turquoise Ring

    The stone measures : 1/2 inch long X 3/8 inch wide. The ring weighs 17 grams. The ring is a size 11.