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Silver Ring Band - Zigzag Design

Product Code: DSBand00022
Stone Type: none
Silver Ring Band - Zigzag Design
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  • Silver Ring Band - Zigzag Design

    This is a Sterling Silver Ring Band with a unique zigzag design that is outlined in bands of Silver.

    Southwestern Style Silver Ring Band

    Here is a very attractive Silver Ring Band with a design that is appealing to the eye. The zigzag design has a textured finish, it is outline with non-textured bands of Silver which set off the ring attractively when worn on your finger.This is another of John Hartman's Silver Ring Bands from our Silver Rings and Bands collection.This is a perfect weight ring that you will not even feel it on, yet, everyone else your are around will know you have it on because their eyes will be attracted to it - This is a classic!

    Silver Ring and Bands by Durango Silver Company

    Our Company produces Silver Jewelry with a Southwestern Style. Our Silver Jewelry as well as Silver Rings and Bands has a Southwestern and often Victorian style that derives from the past history of the American Frontier. In 1865, the Spaniards came through the Southwest in search of Gold and Silver, a Navajo Blacksmith, by the name of Atsidi Sani, learned how to make Silver into Jewelry. The Silver Rings and Bands designed and made by Atsidi Santi were and immediate hit and so began the Silver Jewelry industry in the American Southwest. John Hartman has been an avid collecter of American Frontier items as well as early Southwestern Native American Jewelry. As John is one of the Jewelry designers of Durango Silver Company, you will see antique, victorian, spanish and Navajo influences in his work.This Silver Ring Band is a great example of this and you will find many Silver Rings and Bands in our collection that reflect influences from the early years of American Frontier Silver Jewelry.

    This sterling silver band ring measures 8mm wide and can be made in any size from 5 - 12. Please allow one week for fabrication if we do not have your size in stock. You can call 970-375-2401 from 10am to 5pm M-F to confirm what sizes are in-stock.
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