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Silver Earrings with Red Coral

Product Code: DSE00316
Stone Type: Coral
Silver Earrings with Red Coral
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  • Silver Earrings with Red Coral

    This is a beautiful pair of Sterling Silver Earrings with Red Coral inlaid into a very unusual starburst design. This is a fabulous pair of Silver Earrings that would enhance the most prestigious Silver Earring collection. There are 20 individual deep red Coral gemstones hand cut and inlaid into each Sterling Silver Earring. This pair of Silver Earrings with Red Coral was produced from the original Durango Collection, they are awesome!

    These natural Mediterranean Coral inlay earrings have a diameter of: 23 mm or 9/10 inch. These Red Coral Inlay Earrings are hung from sterling silver ball posts and can be hung on french wires if you desire.

    Red Coral Inlaid Silver Earrings

    Inlaid Silver Earrings are collectible and there is a good reason why they should be! Inlaid Silver Earrings are time consuming to make and it takes a seasoned stone cutter to inlay gemstones into channeled Silver. Each gemstone is put on a toothpick sized oak doping stick and hand cut to an exact dimension to fit into a recess in the Silver model. The gemstones are glued into place one by one, the stones are then sanded and polished which is also time consuming. Inlaid Silver Jewelry as well as Inlaid Silver Earrings are a great value for your money and should be appreciated for their artistic value as well.

    Silver Earrings from Durango Silver Company

    Durango Silver Company has been in the Silver Jewelry business for nearly 40 years and has produced thousands of pairs of Silver Earrings in this period of time. Inlaid Silver Earrings have always been a specialty at Durango Silver Company and we have always had a great fondness for them. We constantly search for high quality American Inlay Silver Jewelry and especially Inlaid Silver Earrings. We have Zuni Inlaid Silver Earrings, Navajo Inlaid Silver Earrings and Contemporary Southwestern Artisan Inlaid Earrings. We hope you will visit DurangoSilver.com often to see additional Inlaid Silver Earrings as we put them up.

    Thank you for viewing these Italian Red Coral Inlay Earrings.