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Silver Band Ring with Tibetan Turquoise

Product Code: DSR00812
Stone Type: Tibetan Turquoise
Silver Band Ring with Tibetan Turquoise
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  • Size 10
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  • Exquisite Tibetan Turquoise Silver Ring Band

    This is a very nice woman's Turquoise Silver Band Ring that she would love a cherish for many years, it will then become an important heirloom to her descendants as it is a remarkable Silver Ring with an exquisite Southwestern design.This Silver Ring has extensive Silverwork from top to bottom, the top or table features the oval Tibetan Turquoise stone outlined in a Silver cable, outlined in a filed and sculptured Silver wire separated by Silver Raindrops. The Ring Shank has Silver Raindrops going all the way around your finger which are outlined by solid Silver wire - this Silver Women's Ring has unique and extensive Silver design that is very attractive.

    Tibetan Turquoise in a Southwest Silver Design

    We like Tibetan Turquoise for its spiritual and medicinal values! In Tibet almost every home has a Turquoise Alter and almost every Tibetan person wears Turquoise every day of their life. Tibetans believe Turquoise was put on this earth from the fathers above, they believe strongly and whole heartedly that Turquoise has important spiritual and medicinal values. Turquoise will bring good health, happiness and good fortune to its bearer.

    All of us, the Hartman family, feel very strongly that our family has experienced these virtues, "Good Health - Happiness - Good Fortune" - we have all lived our lives around Turquoise, we mine it, cut it, make Jewelry with it, wear it daily and can sincerely tell you - LIFE IS GOOD!

    This is a great Silver Band Ring with Tibetan Turquoise for you to wear!

    The stone measures : 1/2 inch long X 3/8 inch wide. The ring weighs 13 grams. The ring is a size 10.