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Round Sugilite and Lizardite Inlay Stud Earrings

Product Code: Earrings109
Stone Type: Sugilite and Lizardite
Round Sugilite and Lizardite Inlay Stud Earrings
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  • h2>Sterling Silver Round Sugilite and Lizardite Inlay Stud Earrings If you would love to have the right sized post earring, a post earring that is not too big, nor too small, just right. These Round Sugilite and Lizardite Inlay Stud Earrings by Navajo Jewelry artisan Stanley Manygoats are just that. The round Sterling Silver post earrings focus on a mosaic inlay of yellow and black matrix Lizardite (also known by the street name Yellow Turquoise) and purple Sugilite. Lizardite is a rare form of Serpentine and contains Lode Stone or Magnetite. This combination of gemstones is wonderful for Reiki or Gemstone Healing. These colorful gemstones are separated with thin Sterling Silver inlays. This color combo could not be prettier. The natural Sugilite and Lizardite Inlay Stud Earrings feature one larger inlay and two line inlays of the purple Sugilite, and two large inlays of natural Lizardite. Stanley’s inlay work is impeccable and you cannot see any spaces between the stones, even with a magnifying glass. The posts are set in the middle on these earrings, due to the size, so that the earrings will hang just right. These Round Inlay Stud Earrings would make a great addition to any gemstone silver jewelry collection. Handmade in the USA, these Sterling Silver post earrings are adorned with the Native American Jewelry hallmark “Stanley Manygoats”.

    Round Sugilite and Turquoise Inlay Stud Earrings:

    These Sterling Silver post earrings measure 1/2 inch in diameter. The earrings ( left and right sides together ) weighs 6.48 grams.