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Robbins Egg Blue Persian Turquoise Stone

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Robbins Egg Blue Persian Turquoise Stone
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  • Robbins Egg Blue Spiderweb Persian Turquoise Stone

    Did you know that no English gentleman of the 17th century was regarded as well-dressed or well adorned unless he wore jewelry of turquoise? This stone was so highly valued that all 79 of the emeralds in the crown that Napoleon I gave his consort Empress Marie Louise were replaced with Persian Turquoise cabochons.
    Well, this is a beautiful Persian Turquoise Gemstone from the past in a Robbins Egg Blue coloration with red spider-webbed matrix like no other you will find. I, John Hartman, cut this stone in the early 1970's and have kept it in my personal collection since then. It weighs 53 carats and measures 24 mm x 32 mm and is 8.5 mm thick. This is an awesome Turquoise Stone that is a once in a lifetime find.

    Spiderweb Persian Turquoise - Robbins Egg Blue

    Throughout the centuries, the intense sky-blue Iranian turquoise, known as “Persian turquoise,” has been the most sought after. This is a clear, even blue color with no evidence of green, nor any signs of black veins. As recently as the ‘70s, top-quality turquoise was fetching prices of $2,000 for a 15x20 mm piece. Hard to believe? Well, here is you chance!