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Red Webbed Bisbee Turquoise Stone

Product Code: DSC091
Stone Type: Bisbee Turquoise Stone
Red Webbed Bisbee Turquoise Stone
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  • Bisbee Turquoise Stone with Red Web Matrix

    This is a beautiful Bisbee Turquoise Gemstone that would make a wonderful piece of Bisbee Turquoise Jewelry. It was hand cut by John Hartman from the Hartman family Bisbee Turquoise collection purchased throughout the past 40 years to include the Bob Mathews/Cecil Mickelson collection. Check out our Bisbee Turquoise Presentation! I would make this into a nice Bracelet, Pendant or Bisbee Turquoise Men's Ring and it would be a collectors item forever for someone special.

    Red Webbed Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon

    This stone weighs 28 carats and measures aprox, 28mm x 18mm which means it is a fairly large stone and it will make an expensive piece of Turquoise Jewelry. If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful piece of natural / real Bisbee - here is your stone!