Our Specialty is Handcrafted Turquoise Jewelry
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Quality Hand Crafted Sterling Silver & Gold Rings

In viewing our rings, we hope you agree that our company produces rings that are unique to our company alone. We realize that a ring is one of the most important Jewelry items for most people. We try hard to produce rings that will be unique to the person who wears it, you will not see your ring on others hands!


American Handmade Sterling Silver & Gold Pendants

We have a large variety of pendants for you to view. Keep in mind all of the gemstones used in our designs are natural and "one-of-a-kind". Each Pendant is uniquely designed and hand made by a Native American Artisan. All of our sterling silver pendants as well as our gold pendants focus on the finest of natural gemstones.


Turquoise Bracelets from the American Southwest

We invite you to view our collection of quality Artisan Crafted Bracelets from the American Southwest. We handle and produce Silver Bracelets, Gemstone Bracelets, Inlay Bracelets and more. Exceptional quality Turquoise is our specialty, we have some of the best Turquoise Bracelets coming out of the Southwest.


Handmade Earrings with Highend Gemstones

Durango Silver Company produces and handles a unique variety of Silver Earrings and well as Gold Earrings. Turquoise Earrings are our specialty and we have been in this business for nearly forty years, however, we usually have some very special Gold Earrings with top gemstones as well. We invite you to check out what we currently have to offer.


Sterling Silver Necklaces & Gemstone Bead Necklaces

Turquoise Necklace’s should be included in every woman’s Jewelry collection. When a lady wears a Turquoise Necklace, she has a glow of a warm, healthy and happy person. A bold Silver and/or Turquoise Necklace is a great choice of Jewelry for man to wear, as well. Often, a man does not wear rings or other Jewelry due to their line of work, a necklace may be the answer.


Gemstone and Sterling Silver Broaches or Pins

Pins or Turquoise Pins are very traditional Jewelry to wear and collect. Turquoise pins play a historic role in southwest as Native American women used to wear multiple pins on their beautiful blouses every day. Pins are fun to wear and will add a great accent in your attire.

Western Belt Buckles

Top Quality Sterling Silver Buckles

Everyone needs a great belt buckle as most everyone wears a belt. We feature Sterling Silver Belt Buckles accented with beautiful high quality Turquoise gemstones. We invite you to check out our selection of belt buckles.

Gold Jewelry

Uniquely Handcrafted Gold Jewelry

Durango Silver Company always has a nice selection of Gold Jewelry with high quality gemstones including Americas best Turquoise. As gold is quite a bit more expensive, we often work with people to find a wonderful Turquoise Stone and then work with them to design the perfect gold Jewelry item of their desire.

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage or Old Pawn Native Americnan Indian Jewelry

John Hartman of Durango Silver Company has collected Vintage Turquoise Jewelry for over forty years. We try to have as much old Authentic Native American Indian Jewelry as possible on hand at all times.


Beads and Bead Jewelry Featuring Turquoise

We have collected Turquoise and other gemstone beads popular in the Southwest for many years. We incorporate beads in our Jewelry designs and we make beautiful “one of a kind” necklaces with high quality gemstone beads.

Specialty Items

Rare and Specialty Items

We have many items that that do not fit in our typical Jewelry categories. Unique items such as custom Inlaid Turquoise Knives, Bolo ties, Cuff Links, and specialty items! As in all of our items, we specialize in High Grade Gemstones and Natural American Turquoise.

Turquoise Cabochons

Natural High Grade Turquoise Cabochons

We have mined, collected and cut the world’s finest natural Turquoise for over 40 years. Natural American Turquoise is our specialty, we have many different types and we will add to this collection of Turquoise Cabochons on a weekly basis. We invite you to take a look at the authentic Turquoise Cabochons we have to offer and hope you will come back often if you like what you see.
All of these silver jewelry and Turquoise jewelry pieces are what we consider our Classics. These beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry made in America with Sterling Silver, Gemstones, and Turquoise.
Bargain Barn

Bargain Barn - Fine Jewelry On Sale

Checkout our Bargain Barn! We have listed Jewelry in this category that we are willing to give you for a smoking deal! Some jewelry as low as 50% off MSPR!! ** ALL SALES ARE FINAL **
Design Portfolio

Silver Jewelry Design Portfolio

Our design portfolio is an accumulation of A FEW pieces of Jewelry that we have sold in the past. We invite you to browse through these pages to see additional designs that were produced by Durango Silver Company. This area may be handy if you are trying to design a special order piece or to gather additional knowledge regarding the Jewelry that our company makes and carries.