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Portfolio Eleven Stone Navajo Row Bracelet

Product Code: VJ016
Stone Type: Villa Grove Turquoise
Portfolio Eleven Stone Navajo Row Bracelet
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  • 7.00 Inch
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  • This old Navajo Row Bracelet was probibly made in the 1950's as it has old Villa Grove Turquoise from Colorado. It was probibly made on the Northern Navajo Reservation due to the location of the Turquoise source and the fact that I bought it from Jim Porter who owned the old Tsegi Trading Post which was west of Kayenta, Az. It is a great piece that will fit a medium sized ladies wrist.

    The inner bracelet circumference measures : 5 3/4" , plus an opening of 1 1/4". 10.35mm at the widest point. The bracelet weighs 45 grams. The shank is 3.38mm thick.