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Pictorial Turquoise Ring

Product Code: DSR00873
Stone Type: Tibetan Turquoise
Pictorial Turquoise Ring
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  • Size 10
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  • Pictorial Turquoise Ring with a Tortoise Design in Sterling Silver

    This is an unusual Turquoise Ring that you will not find anywhere else then Durango Silver Company! It is an original design created by John Hartman and then it was inlaid by Dillon Hartman with a high grade spiderweb Tibetan Turquoise gemstone that is an exceptional piece of spiderwebbed Turquoise. This Turquoise gemstone is rare due to the outstanding configuration of the matrix which is spiderwebbed. The design is beautiful as it has Silver Tortoises running down each side of the ring and this is why we call it a Pictorial Turquoise Ring.

    Pictorial Silverwork with an Exception Tibetan Turquoise Gemstone

    Tibetan Turquoise is some of the most mystic Turquoise in the world as the Tibetans hold Turquoise dear to their heart and sole. You know, most all Tibetans have and own many Turquoise pieces and it is most usual that Turquoise Alters are in most all houses in Tibet as they worship and believe that Turquoise holds medicinal as well as spiritual powers. We work hard to find authentic Tibetan Turquoise and this Pictorial Turquoise Ring has a wonderful Tibetan Turquoise gemstone that is most unusual and seldom scene - it is a one of a kind highgrade Turquoise gemstone from Tibet! Check out this informational page we have created on Tibetan Turquoise.

    The diameter of the stone measures : 3/8 inch. The ring weighs 8 grams. The ring is a size 10.