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Paiute Turquoise Gold Ring

Product Code: DSR00825
Stone Type: Paiute Turquoise
Paiute Turquoise Gold Ring
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  • Size 7
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  • Women's Gold Turquoise Ring `An outstanding women's Paiute Turquoise Gold Ring with an unusual design of flowing vines and fingers of gold holding this deep, deep blue spiderwebbed Turquoise gemstone. This gem is from Tony Cotners famed Paiute Turquoise Mine, Tony lets very little of this Turquoise out of his hands. The gold work Nattarika did on this piece was meant to highlight this marvelous gemstone and she accomplished this - one must have a double take on this gem and when they actually see the depth of this Turquoise, they are astonished. A great Paiute Turquoise Gold Ring by Nattarika Hartman! Deep Blue Spiderweb Turquoise Gold Ring - Artisan made in the USA Nattarika fell in love with this Turquoise Gemstone when I, (John Hartman,) asked her if she wanted to make some gold Jewelry- she immediately dropped what she was doing and came into our workroom to begin making a great group of one-of-a-kind gold rings. This Paiute Turquoise Gold Ring came out to be an exceptional piece of Jewelry art that you would absolute adore. For the woman that is in love with fine Turquoise, this would be a great piece to ad to her collection, a fine Paiute Turquoise Gemstone set in an exceptional gold setting that is truly unique. You will love this Paiute Turquoise Gold Ring.

    The stone measures : 3/4 inch long X 3/8 inch wide. The ring weighs 10 grams. The ring is a size 7.