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Welcome to the directory for Gemston and Jewelry educational websites. Here we have tried to link to all the sites that are non-profit sites that are educational. We have linked to a few jewelers sites that have educational info as well.

http://www.aigsthailand.com/ AIGS - Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences was founded in 1978 as South East Asia’s first educational facility devoted exclusively to the study of gemology. Its major aim is two-fold: to provide professional training for those planning to become, or already involved in the gem and jewelry trade, as well as to expand the knowledge and appreciation of gemstones among member of the general public.
http://www.diamondcouncil.org/ Diamond Council of America
Diamond Council of America
http://www.gem-a.info/ Gem-A - The Gemmological Association of Great Britain - The Gemmological Association of Great Britain
Gem-A - The Gemmological Association of Great Britain - The Gemmological Association of Great Britain
http://www.gia.edu/ Gemological Institute Of America
The Gemological Institute of America, GIA, is the world's foremost authority in gemology, diamond grading, jewelry education, gemology research, diamond and gemstone grading reports and laboratory services. Gemological Institute of America : Gemology Research and Education.
http://www.igi-usa.com/igi_newsitef.htm International Gemological Institute
International Gemological Institute
http://www.jewelers.org/ Jewelers of America: The resource for the professional jewelry industry
Jewelers of America is the premiere resource for retail jewelers, with business management, marketing, education, certification, benchmarking, social responsibility, and legislative and regulatory guidance and advocacy.
http://www.gemsociety.org/info/gems/sugilite.htm Sugilites, Sugilite Information, Sugilite Jewelry and Sugilite Gemstones
Sugilite information, Sugilite jewelry, Sugilite gems.
http://www.parisjc.edu/index.php/tijt/ Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology
The Official Web Site of the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, Paris Junior College, Paris, Texas
http://www.gia.edu/nav/toolbar/newsroom/articles-for-public/article-turquoise-ancient-gem.html Turquoise—An Ancient Gem With Modern Panache
Turquoise—An Ancient Gem With Modern Panache
http://minerals.usgs.gov/ USGS Mineral Resources Program
USGS Mineral Resources Program Home Page: A source of unbiased information on the occurrence, quality, quantity, and availability of mineral resources. This website contains information about the Program, current activities, and products.
http://www.yourgemologist.com/ YourGemologist On-line Study of Gemology, Jewelry and Gemstones
The largest gemology study and reference site on the internet

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