Our Specialty is Handcrafted Turquoise Jewelry
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New American Jewelry with natural Turquoise
Lapis Lazuli Ring by Nattarika
High Grade Bisbee Turquoise Ring by Nattarika Hartman
Morenci Turquoise Ring by Nattarika Hartman
Sleeping Beauty Cocktail Ring by Nattarika
Mens Tortoise Turquoise Ring by Nattarika
Silver Saddle Ring with Turquoise and Spiny Oyster Inlay
Sugilite and Turquoise Inlay Saddle Ring
Deep Blue Turquoise and Silver Inlay Ring
138 Grams Natural Royal Blue Turquoise Rough
Red Mountain Turquoise Nugget Specimen
Bisbee Turquoise Nugget Specimen
Natural Spiderweb Turquoise Specimen
Broken Arrow Pocket Rock
Bright Blue Turquoise Pocket Rock
Turquoise Pocket Rock / Amulet
Aqua Blue Turquoise Pocket Rock
Deep Blue Turquoise Pocket Rock
Turquoise Mountain Turquoise Pocket Rock
Water Web Turquoise Nugget Specimens
Lone Mountain Turquoise Nugget Specimen
44 Carats of Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons
Stabilized Bisbee Turquoise Cab Lot
Beautiful Blue Bisbee Turquoise Cab Lot
32 Carat Teardrop Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon
20 Carat Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon
18 Carat Triangular Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon
Spiderweb Morenci Turquoise Cabochon 26.25 Cts
Green Turquoise Nugget and Coral Bead Necklace
Fox Turquoise and Coral Bead Necklace
Hand Rolled Turquoise Bead Necklace with Shell Heishi