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Natural Fox High Grade Turquoise Cabochons

SALE $322.50
was $322.50
Product Code: DSFC006
Stone Type: Fox Turquoise
Natural Fox High Grade Turquoise Cabochons
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  • This is a very nice quality collection of Natural High Grade Fox Turquoise Cabochons that will make exceptional Turquoise Jewelry. The measure approximately 9.5mm x 14mm to 17mm x 23mm in size. You can get a good idea by the photo with a dime used for refferance. This collection of cabs weighs 107.5 carats and are priced at $3.00 per carat which is a bargain. It is not often that you will find old Fox Turquoise like this and this size of stones as well. If you are looking for some good Fox Turquoise Gemstones - Here They Are!