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Morenci Turquoise Cabochon

Product Code: DSC309
Stone Type: Morenci Turquoise
Morenci Turquoise Cabochon
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  • Morenci Turquoise Cabochon

    This is a nice large oval Morenci Turquoise Cabochon with a fairly clear blue coloration. It has a few specks of iron pyrite which Morenci Turquoise is known for. When you look at the stone carefully you will see that it is actually two tone which gives it good character. This stone weighs 29 carats and measures 17mm x 28mm.

    Authentic Morenci Turquoise

    Morenci is known for its beautiful blue colors and can run from light blue to a rich deep dark blue. It is often easy to spot from its iron pyrite matrix, iron pyrite is also known as fools gold. Morenci turquoise has not been mined since the late 1970's. Morenci Turquoise is very valuable in today’s Turquoise market and is a good investment for a Turquoise collector.