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Mens Royston Turquoise Bracelet

Product Code: DSBr00002
Stone Type: Royston Turquoise
Mens Royston Turquoise Bracelet
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  • 7.00 Inch
  • Quantity
  • This beautiful spider webbed Royston Turquoise bracelet was made by John Hartman. It is a large and heavy bracelet and will fit a medium sized mans wrist.

    The inner bracelet circumference measures 5 3/4", plus an opening of 1 1/4". 47.08mm at the widest point. The stone measures 39.7mm tall x 28.8mm wide. The bracelet weighs 84.2 grams. The shank is 4.05mm thick. , it is 100% natural and was cut by John Hartman.
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