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Men’s High Grade Manassa Turquoise Ring

Product Code: Ring081
Stone Type: Manassa Turquoise
Men’s High Grade Manassa Turquoise Ring
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  • Size 10.75
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  • Men’s High Quality Manassa Turquoise Ring

    The Manassa Turquoise Mine has been in low production for several years and due to the scarcity of this Turquoise it has become hard to find in high quality Turquoise Jewelry. This is an exceptional quality 18 carat Manassa Turquoise Stone hand cut by Dillon Hartman, it is set in a classic Southwestern Silver design and made here at Durango Silver Company. The Silver design is unusual with a heavily stamped ring shank that is noticeable and attractive. This is a very nice investment quality Men’s high quality Manassa Turquoise Ring.

    High Quality Men’s Manassa Turquoise Ring

    High quality Manassa Turquoise is fairly scarce as the mine has not been producing an excess of green high-grade Turquoise for some time. We have a fairly large stash of Manassa Turquoise and cut stones on a weekly basis. When we cut high grade, we use it in our jewelry for our online customers. If this is not what you are looking for in a Manassa Turquoise Ring, type what you are looking for in the search box to the left or call Dillon to see what else we have at 970 375-2401.
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