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Mediterranean Coral Necklace

Product Code: VJ072
Stone Type: Coral
Mediterranean Coral Necklace
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  • 31 Inch
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  • This is a authentic old Mediterranean Coral Necklace that has been tucked away in a collection from Durango, Colorado for over 70 years. It was most likely made by a member of the Santo Domingo Indians between 1920 -1940. The Coral is beautiful with many shapes and color variations which made this piece very attractive. It was stung with handmade Silver beads and accented with Blue Turquoise beads as well. It has a nice Squaw wrap at the top of the necklace and is 28” in length. This is an exceptional old Native American Coral Necklace that is seldom seen for sale.

    This Coral Necklace has a matching pair of Coral earrings that are beautiful. They were in pieces when we got the Necklace set so we restrung them and they are now stable to wear.

    The necklace is 31" long and weighs 125 grams. The earrings ( left and right sides together ) weighs 15 grams. Total length is 3 1/2" long.