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Manassa Turquoise Butterfly Pendant

Product Code: BK115
Stone Type: Manassa Turquoise
Manassa Turquoise Butterfly Pendant
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  • Sterling Silver and King's Manassa Turquoise Butterfly Pendant

    Here is a unique Native American Turquoise and silver amulet. This handmade Manassa Turquoise Butterfly Pendant by Navajo Jewelry artisan Donovan Cadman focuses on a perfectly matched pair of electric blue Manassa Turquoise with vibrant golden yellow matrix. The two genuine King's Manassa Turquoise cabs are super dynamic with their bright blue color and the natural golden yellow and brown matrix that is almost spider web, but a little more wispy then web. The way that Bill King cut the American Turquoise cabochons is perfect for the wings of the Silver Butterfly Pendant. The gemstones are set with a beautiful scalloped Sterling Silver bezel and surrounded by filed scalloped silver. The center of the Manassa Turquoise Butterfly Pendant is half round and has been hand stamped to look like a butterfly texture. The top of the amulet features the head and antennas from which a large stamped bale is attached to the piece. Handmade in the USA, this blue King's Manassa Turquoise pendant features the American Indian Jewelry hallmark "D" and is stamped Sterling.

    Blue Manassa Turquoise Butterfly Pendant

    The handmade butterfly amulet measures 2 inches long (including the bale) X 1 3/4 inches wide. The amulet holds 28 carats of blue King's Manassa Turquoise.
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