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Man In The Maze Silver Pendant

Product Code: DSP00407
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Man In The Maze Silver Pendant
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  • Man In The Maze Pendant

    There is no chance you will not fall in love with this stunning Hopi overlay style Man in the Maze Pendant! This genuine piece of Native American jewelry is Navajo hand made by artist Calvin Peterson out of genuine Sterling Silver. Overlay is a process that utilizes at least two layers of sterling silver. One layer forms the foundation, while the second is used to design the individual detailed overlay pattern. In this Man in the Maze pendant, the second layer forms a fabulous Man in the Maze design which is an American Indian Jewelry classic. The man in the maze design depicts the common symbol of Life and Choice. Some Native Americans have adopted this symbol because it is significant of life's cycles and eternal motions, along with the choices we are confronted with. The right choices lead us to a point of harmony with all things, no matter how hard or long the road taken. Calvin hand drew and then hand sawed out the design which is very time consuming. This Man in the Maze pendantwas Native American handmade.

    Man in the Maze Pendant Details:

    The pendant measures : 1 3/4 inches long 9 including the bale ) X 1 1/2 inches wide.