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Light Green Royston Turquoise Cab Set

Product Code: DSC223
Stone Type: Royston Turquoise
Light Green Royston Turquoise Cab Set
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  • Royston Turquoise Cab Set

    Here are three beautiful Royston Turquoise Cabochons that are in the same color range and actually match fairly well. They weigh 80 carats and are fairly large in size. Would make a nice Ring, Bracelet and Pendant set.

    Light Green Royston Turquoise Cabochons

    These Royston Turquoise Cabochons will make some beautiful and collectible Turquoise Jewelry. Royston Turquoise is from the Tonopah, Nevada USA area. It is known worldwide for its beautiful true Turquoise coloration along with a beautiful golden brown matrix which is Rhyolite. Royston Turquoise is considered to be one of the most beautiful Turquoise types from Nevada. Although the mine is still producing, a limited amount is available.