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Lg Natural Royston Turquoise Gemstone

Product Code: DSC217
Stone Type: Royston Turquoise Stone
Lg Natural Royston Turquoise Gemstone
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  • Large Natural Royston Turquoise Gemstone

    This is a big beautiful Royston Turquoise Gemstone measuring 28mm x 35mm and weighing 77 carats - that is big and big enough for a fantastic collectible Turquoise Buckle or Bracelet. The matrix is a golden brown color and in an attractive configuration which is very attractive.

    Attractive Royston Turquoise Gemstone

    • Read about our experience filming the Royston Mine with the Travel Channel -http://roystonturquoise.com/travelchannel.htm • View Dillon’s video about the filming of the Royston Turquoise Mine with the Travel Channel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lZ6ruADOReI • Royston Turquoise is considered the choice of Jewelers in the Southwestern United States. Royston Turquoise Cabochons are highly sought after by Navajo Silversmiths as it has the look!