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Lg Matched Bisbee Set

Product Code: DSC094
Stone Type: Bisbee Turquoise Stone
Lg Matched Bisbee Set
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  • Unusual Large Bisbee Cabochon Set

    This is an unusual Large Bisbee cabochon set that was hand cut by Dillon Hartman from one rock. The three cabochons have a total weight of 85 carats and they match very well which is unusual in itself. The largest stone measures 23mm x 35mm, you can judge the rest of the sizes from there. The coloration is awesome with swirls of chocolate to lite browns and the character of the Turquoise is beautiful.

    Bisbee Cabochon Set - Large Stones

    These cabochons have a look of their own, they do look like Bisbee, but they are very dynamic and would look wonderful set in Jewelry. If you like the way they look in the photo you will love them in person. When I look at them I think of the Caribbean as they are truly picture stones.