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Lg Bisbee Blue Freeform Cab

Product Code: DSC090
Stone Type: Bisbee Turquoise GemStone
Lg Bisbee Blue Freeform Cab
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  • Hand Cut Bisbee Turquoise Cabochon

    This is a very nice Bisbee Blue Turquoise Gemstone. It would look great in a Bracelet, Bolo or a Buckle as it is a large stone with bold coloration and matrix. There is no doubt that is is Bisbee Turquoise in anyones mind, it was hand cut by Dillon Hartman from the Hartman family Bisbee Turquoise Collection which was purchased from the Cecil Mickelson family, Cecil was Bob Mathews brother in law and partner in the Bisbee Turquoise venture. Check out the Bisbee Turquoise Collection and view a Bisbee Turquoise Video and if you are interested in this stone you can call Dillon at 970 375-2401 and talk to him M-F 10-5 for further info - he cut it!

    Hand Cut 47 Carat Bisbee Turquoise Cab:

    This stone weighs 47 carats, the photo was taken on my flat bed scanner so if you like the photo you will love the stone in person! The measurements for DSC090 are: 26.74mm wide X 35.73mm long or 1.055 inches wide X 1.406 inches long.
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