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Large White Buffalo Turquoise Cabochon

Product Code: DSC308
Stone Type: White Buffalo Turquoise
Large White Buffalo Turquoise Cabochon
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  • White Buffalo Turquoise Cabochon

    This is a great and very large White Buffalo Turquoise Cabochon hand cut in Durango. Colorado by Dillon Hartman. This is a unusual stone as the black manganese matrix is spectacular of the white/white background, very attractive. This will make a marvelous one-of-a-kind piece of White Buffalo Turquoise Jewelry. It weighs 67 carats and measures 26mm x 54mm - it is big!

    Authentic White Buffalo Cabochon

    Here is a beautiful natural gemstone cabochon that will compliment and fine Jewelry design. This genuine White Buffalo cabochon was hand cut in Durango, Colorado, USA and features a perfectly angle side that will make it easy to bezel set. The gemstone cab features the highest polish that mimics the shine of a new glass marble. The gemstone is lightly backed to make it rise above your bezel and to show the side of the stone. This backing is light weight and is industry standard. We do not use Devcon (liquid steel) to back our stones, we use a light weight resin. The main purpose of the backing is to cushion the stone. You will love the neutral black and white coloration of the natural White Buffalo.
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