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Large Vintage Pictorial Zuni Inlay Concho Belt

Product Code: VJ069
Stone Type: Turquoise
Large Vintage Pictorial Zuni Inlay Concho Belt
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  • Native American made large vintage pictorial Zuni Inlay Concho belt by Zuni artists Valentino & Matilda Banteah. This show stopping vintage concho or concha belt features nine Turquoise, Coral, Mother of Pearl and Jet inlay and Petite point designed conchos and a matching belt buckle. Each concho is handmade and features 34 petite point style teardrop shaped, blue, American Turquoise cabochons. The center of each concho features an inlay of a blue bird sitting on a rose bush branch. The inlays are made of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Ox Blood Red Mediterranean Coral, Mother of Pearl and Jet. These conchos are set on a wide Black leather belt. This is a great belt and is an authentic Native American made sterling silver concho belt. The belt is vintage 1970s.

    The total length of this belt is: 43.5 inches. The diameter of each concho is: 3.34 inches. The concho belt buckle is 4 inches wide X 3.47 inches high. Each stone is approx. 7.68 mm.

    PLEASE NOTE: THE VMB mark of Valentino & Matilda Banteah is often confused with the VMB mark of Victor Moses Begay. However, Victor Begay never did inlay work like this item. Of importance, a Banteah work like this is worth more than a Begay made concha belt.
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