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Large Spider Web Turquoise Ring By Crystal

Product Code: CH312
Stone Type: Tibetan Turquoise
Large Spider Web Turquoise Ring By Crystal
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  • Size 10.75
  • Quantity
  • Large Spider Web Turquoise Ring by Crystal Hartman

    The current trend with superstars is the large dinner ring. This wonderful Sterling Silver Tibetan Spider Web Turquoise ring by Crystal Hartman would be a unique and outstanding example of these rings. The highlight of this large silver ring is the beautiful oval shaped, natural, Spider Web Tibetan Turquoise cabochon. This beautiful Tibetan Turquoise cabochon is a vivid sky blue color with natural black “Spider Web” matrix. The way that Crystal made this Large Spider Web Turquoise Ring it mimics plant leaves in a tropical bush. The Sterling Silver leaves wrap up around the stone and hold it in a similar way as classic prongs in a diamond setting hold in the gemstone. The only difference is that these prongs are bigger and wider, thus stronger. This feature of the large Tibetan Spider Web Turquoise ring makes it very sturdy. Behind the Tibetan Turquoise cabochon the sterling silver dinner ring was left hollow so you can see the backside of the cabochon. This makes the piece perfect for gemstone healing use or Chakra healing use. For many people this is a very different piece of Turquoise Jewelry then they are used to seeing. The “lost wax” style is a specialty of Durango Silver Company.

    Large Spider Web Turquoise Ring Details:

    The stone measures : 7/8 inch long X 3/4 inch wide. The ring weighs 32 grams. The ring is a size 10 3/4.
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