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Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon DSC396

Product Code: DSC396
Stone Type: Lander Blue Turquoise
Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon DSC396
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  • 6 Carat Vintage Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon

    Here is a truly rare opportunity! Own a piece of Turquoise history. Up for grabs is a six carat A grade cabochon of natural, genuine Lander Blue Turquoise from Nevada. Lander Blue Turquoise is the most valuable Turquoise in the world. This ULTRA RARE, top gem grade American Turquoise cabochon was bought in the 1970s from one of the original mine owners Marvin Syme. This natural Lander Blue Turquoise cab is a deep blue color and features fine, tight black spider web matrix, and the tell-tale golden brown matrix associated with genuine Lander Blue Turquoise. These stones have been lightly backed for easy of setting. The Lander Blue turquoise mine in Lander County, Nevada was first claimed in 1973, after it was sold to the owners by the discoverer Rita Hapgood, and produced some of the most beautiful spider-webbed turquoise ever discovered. Today it is considered the rarest and the most valuable turquoise known. Lander Blue was a very rich pocket discovery and has been referred to as a “hat mine,” a term used to describe small floats of turquoise because they could be “covered with a hat.” Less than 110 pounds (roughly 2 buckets) of this beautiful spider-web Turquoise was ever mined. This stone was cut by the miner in the 1970's and at that time they did not believe in filling the natural divots in the stones. They liked these natural divots to show that the stone was natural.

    Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon

    This GENUINE Lander Blue Turquoise cabochon weighs 6 carats. The stone measures 17.5 mm X 12 mm with a 4mm dome. When shipped to you these rare American Turquoise cabochon will include a letter of Authenticity. The stone you see is the stone you get.
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