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Welcome to our list of Jewelry Directories. We have tried to list all the Jewelry Directories to better serve our customers and help them find the right jeweler, designers, and collections.

http://www.craftelinks.com/ Craft eLinks Directory
Craft eLinks Directory
http://www.jewelrylinking.com/ Jewelry and Jeweler Online Web DirectoryJewelry Directory
The Jewelry Site List holds a record of jewelry sites on the internet.
http://www.jewelryadvertise.net/ Jewelry Directory - JewelryAdvertise.net
Resources of Local Jewelry stores, suppliers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors including manufacturer and jewelry related to sites.
http://www.jewelryposting.net/ Jewelry Directory - JewelryPosting.net
JewelryPosting.net is worldwide online jewelry, charm jewelry, hip hop jewelry, jewelers, antique & collectible, earrings, watches, jewelry designers, wedding jewelry & wholesale jewelry.
http://www.jewelry51.com/ Jewelry Directory by State
Jewelry Directory launched to all types of jewelry including jewelry stores, gemstones, diamond guide, distributors of suplies and materials, wedding jewelry, forums, glossary and everything related to jewelry.
http://www.jewelrygateway.com/ Jewelry Directory, Antique and Collectible, jewelry store, diamonds
Jewelrygateway.com is one of the proper information and resources sites. You can search for national jewelers and jewelries such as retailer, wholesaler, jewelry manufacturers and more. Get your site listed in the Jewelry Information, top sites jewelry and free jewelry classifieds.
http://www.jewelrystorereviews.org/ Blue Nile Reviews
Jewelry Store Reviews provides quality reviews and ratings of the top online diamond jewelry retailers. Browse through customer rated feedback, add your own reviews, and learn about the pros and cons of buying jewelry online.
http://www.jewelrylinkexchange.com/ Jewelry Link Exchange and Jewelry Stores Directory
Jewelrylinkexchange.com provides high quality jewelry links to exchange. Our directory contains websites related to antique jewelry, wedding jewelry, body jewelry, fine jewelry, diamonds, handcrafted beaded, hair accessories and much more.
http://www.jewelrylist.com/ Online Jewelry Stores Directory
Wholesale jewelry stores online! Want to buy 18 carat or 14 carat - gold chains, bracelets, necklaces, engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants,cubic zirconia, moissanite jewlery, custom gold jewelery at best prices? Visit www.jewelrylist.com for top jewlery stores, discount jewelry stores, wholesale jewelry stores, silver jewelry stores, gold jewelry stores, online jewelry stores

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