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Inlay Bisbee Turquoise Ring

Product Code: DSR00934
Stone Type: Bisbee Turquoise
Inlay Bisbee Turquoise Ring
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  • Size 9
  • Quantity
  • Diamond pattern inlay Bisbee Turquoise ring

    Own an absolute show stopper featuring the finest Turquoise Arizona had to offer! Deep blue natural Bisbee Turquoise is the stare of this modern five stone inlay Bisbee Turquoise Ring by Bill Anderson. This beautiful Sterling Silver ring was painstakingly inlaid with natural Bisbee Turquoise from Bisbee, Arizona USA. Bill took the time to cut and polish one slab of Bisbee Turquoise, then very carefully cut it into five pieces that fit perfectly into the slots of the silver inlay ring without cracking a stone. If he would have cracked one of the rare American Turquoise stones in this Inlay Bisbee Turquoise Ring he would have lost the whole ring design and had to start over with new stones. It is very rare to find a ring like this where the artist has taken the time to match the matrix in the stones perfect so that they match up perfect and maintain the original matrix pattern of the Natural Turquoise. The shape of the ring top is a cushion cut rectangle and is highlighted with a rope design and raindrops on each side. This is all set atop a heavy duty, fancy, graduated silver ring band that is decorated with three raindrop designs on each side. This diamond pattern inlay Bisbee Turquoise ring is very striking and unique, sure to stop any Turquoise connoisseur in there tracks. Add this fine American made Turquoise ring to your Silver Jewelry or Turquoise Jewelry collection and it will become an heirloom for generations to come.

    Inlay Bisbee Turquoise Ring Details:

    The entire top of the ring is 3/4 inch long X 1/2 inch wide. The ring weighs 21 grams. The ring is a size 9.