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Huge Sterling Silver and Sugilite Pendant

Product Code: Pendant005
Stone Type: Sugilite
Huge Sterling Silver and Sugilite Pendant
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  • Extra Big Sterling Silver and Sugilite Pendant

    Check out the hum dinger in this extra-large “Lost Wax” style Sterling Silver amulet! Definitely a rarity, this gorgeous Sterling Silver and Sugilite Pendant in was hand crafted by Crystal Hartman of Durango, Colorado. The silver amulet features a beautiful 48 carat piece of rich purple Sugilite cabochon that is un-backed and was cut from old stock. This size of Sugilite cabochon has always been rare and hard to find. Most of the Sugilite has stress fractures from blasting in the mine, so it has to be cut into small gemstones. The huge Sterling Silver and Sugilite pendant features detailed leaf designs that work as heavy duty prongs to hold in the 100% natural gemstone. The entire pendant and the large silver bale features this botanical and organic hand carved silverwork. The back of the pendant is hollow so you can see all sides of the natural gemstone. This makes the amulet perfect for gemstone healing and Metaphysical healing. You will love Crystal's style of Silver work, she works with each individual gemstone to create the design in wax with a Jewelers wax pen and carving tools. Once the design is completed it is cast in the lost wax method to finish the Silver masterpiece. Crystal Hartman is artisan that creates spectacular American Jewelry, her work is unusual and you will absolutely love it. This Sugilite Pendant is a great example of Crystal's Jewelry and it is truly a unique piece of Silver Jewelry.

    Huge Sterling Silver and Sugilite Pendant Details:

    The stone measures : 1 1/2 inches long X 1 inch wide. The pendant weighs 23 grams. Total length is 2 1/2 inches long (including the able ) X 1 1/4 inches wide.
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