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Huge Hi-Dome Royston Turquoise Gemstone

Product Code: JH027
Stone Type: Royston Turquoise
Huge Hi-Dome Royston Turquoise Gemstone
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  • This is a fantastic high-dome Royston Turquoise Two Tone Turquoise Stone from John Hartman's personal collection. This Royston Stone has it all in Nevada Green Turquoise from John's prospective as it is very bold in coloration and it is a hunk of Turquoise as it measures approximately 47mm x 32mm and is 9mm thick. This stone weighs over 96 carats and would make an exceptional piece of Jewelry. Basicly, to have a wonderful piece of high-grade Royston Turquoise Jewelry you must find your own stone and then have it made into Jewelry as us collectors are buying everything the Royston Mine produces and there is little left for small Jewelers on the market. The Royston Mine has not been producing much Turquoise in the last 5 years and about 1% of the Turquoise produced is this quality. This stone is priced at $6.00 per carat.