Our Specialty is Handcrafted Turquoise Jewelry
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Hot Turquoise Jewelry

Hot Men and Women’s Turquoise Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has Hot Turquoise Jewelry! We specialize in America’s finest quality authentic Turquoise in exceptional Silver and Gold handmade settings from the American Southwest. Hot Women's Blue Turquoise Jewelry as well as unusually Hot high grade Turquoise Men's Jewelry - we have been producing exceptional Native American Turquoise Jewelry here in Durango, Colorado USA for over forty years and our Jewelry is some of the best coming out of the American Southwest today!
Blue and Yellow Turquoise Inlay Pendant
Green Turquoise Pendant
Lime Green Spiderweb Damele Ring
Lime Green Turquoise Inlay Bracelet
Pictorial Hogan Inlay Bracelet

Hot Turquoise Jewelry – Blue Turquoise – Green Turquoise

If you appreciate hand crafted American made Jewelry, our Turquoise Jewelry is Hot! It is made with authentic high grade Turquoise and designed by some of the finest artisans of the Southwestern region of the United States - it is made in USA! We make wonderful Turquoise Mens Jewelry like no other companies in the Southwest as we use genuine high grade American Turquoise that no others have. Our women's Turquoise Jewelry is hot and like no others, check our Hot Turquoise Jewelry out now!