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Horny Toad Pendant

Product Code: DSP00399
Stone Type: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Coral
Horny Toad Pendant
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  • Silver Horny Toad Pendant

    This very unique and unusual Silver Horny Toad Pendant was Navajo handmade by Ben Yazzi. Ben loves Horny Toads and has been making many different Horny Toad Pendants for years. They are totally 3 dimensional with beautiful Silver work that you will appreciate. This is a special little guy and will enchant you!

    Native American Handmade Silver Horny Toad Pendant

    Ben Yazzi is a Navajo Silversmith as well as an artisan in many other mediums from Colorado. We work with Ben by having him put our hand cut high quality Turquoise into Turquoise Bracelets, Turquoise Rings, Turquoise Pendants and more. Ben makes quality Silver Jewelry and his work has been appreciated by many for over 40 years, his work has been collected by well known movie stars, musicians and avid Turquoise Jewelry collectors. Elvis Presley purchased one of Ben's Concho Belts and we have a long list of others, we will be making a page on Ben with photos of him with the stars soon.

    You will love this Horny Toad Pendant!

    The pendant measures : 1 1/2 inches long X 3/4 inch wide. The pendant weighs 11 grams.
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