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Hematite Bead Necklace

Product Code: DSN00230
Stone Type: Hematite
Hematite Bead Necklace
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  • 17 Inch
  • Quantity
  • Hematite Bead Necklace For Men

    Would you like a handsome and masculine beaded necklace to wear daily for gemstone healing or for fashion? This beautiful, heavy duty Hematite Bead Necklace for Men by Nattarika Hartman could be a great choice for you. This handsome beaded necklace would be a great choker for a man. Featuring a handmade sterling silver Spider clasp, this modern beaded choker is made with all natural hematite beads measuring 8mm. These gorgeous beads have a beautiful metallic appearance but in actuality are natural gemstones. These Hematite beads are also magnetic which good for your blood flow. The Magnetic beads will react with the natural charge of your blood cells and help to keep your blood flowing properly. This Hematite Bead Necklace is made of two different shapes of natural gemstone beads. The gemstone beaded necklace features barrel beads separated by roundel beads. The bead choker was hand strung on bead-a-lon Teflon coated steel cable and finished off with Sterling Silver Beads and a handmade Spider Clasp that is unique to Durango Silver Company and is our original design. The clasp is really neat, when it is hooked it looks like a 3D spider, and to take it apart you take the head out of the clasp and it comes apart. This is a major feature of the Hematite Bead Necklace for Men and makes the necklace very unique. This type of beaded choker necklace is in high fashion today and is a great example of modern day bead jewelry.

    Hematite Bead Necklace Details:

    The necklace is 17 inches long and weighs 65 grams.