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Heavy Silver Filigree Chain

Product Code: DSN00209
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Heavy Silver Filigree Chain
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  • 18 Inch
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  • Heavy Silver Filigree Chain from Bali

    Several years ago our family went to Bali on a mission with several other American and Native American Artisans to show the Balinese how to make Jewelry, Carvings, Weaving's, Basketry and other art forms with designs that the western world would buy, the object was to help them market their arts. We had a wonderful time with these fantastic artisans, our goals were met and our project was a great success.

    We were in Bali for about five weeks and in our leisure time we went to the known Jewelry manufacturing areas and purchased a tremendous amount of Silver Jewelry, this Heavy Silver Filigree Chain was one of many we purchased, it is a great piece that you or I will probably never find again.

    Handmade Silver Filigree Chain

    This Heavy Silver Filigree Chain has intensive hand work that was 100% handmade. This is a floral design that the Balinese are well know for in many types of the Jewelry that they make. It is a lot of work and very few artisans in the world can do this type of work. This is a great Silver chain to wear on its own or you can wear a large pendant from it and it will really enhance the beauty of your necklace

    The necklace is 18 inches long and weighs 59 grams.