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Hammered Silver White Buffalo Inlay Bracelet

Product Code: DSBR00407
Stone Type: White Buffalo
Hammered Silver White Buffalo Inlay Bracelet
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  • Size 7.25
  • Quantity
  • Hammered Silver White Buffalo Inlay Bracelet

    Here is a super modern inlay bracelet with a modern gemstone. If you are looking for something bright and cheerful, yet different and unusual this might be your ticket? Here is a great silver cuff bracelet for stacking or to be worn alone. This stunning black and white inlay silver bracelet is very classy. It is unusual to find an AUTHENTIC White Buffalo inlay bracelet. These days it is rare to find real White Buffalo as many low end jewelers are using Howlite or Magnasite instead of White Buffalo and are calling it “White Turquoise”. Sleek and sturdy, this men’s or women’s gem grade Hammered Silver White Buffalo Inlay Bracelet would make an extraordinary addition to any Silver Jewelry collection. This narrow Sterling Silver and White Buffalo Inlay Bracelet focuses on a band of inlaid top gem grade, natural, White Buffalo aka “White Turquoise”. White Buffalo is not really Turquoise but has been given that name as a common nickname by jewelers and Turquoise Jewelry buyers alike. All gemstones are 100% natural. This Hammered Silver White Buffalo Inlay Bracelet is MUSEUM QUALITY and was intricately inlaid to look like one solid band of stone. The stones were all cut with a dome which gives the silver cuff bracelet a neat round bump down the middle all the way around. The top gem grade white and black gemstones are inlaid in a hammered style heavy sterling silver cuff bracelet that is very modern, simplistic, and features a sandstone texture. This keeps the focus of the inlay silver cuff bracelet all about the stone. This rare White Buffalo inlay bracelet was American handmade in Durango, Colorado and features the Southwestern Jewelry hallmark “Durango Silver .925”.

    Hammered Silver White Buffalo Inlay Bracelet Details:

    The inner bracelet circumference measures 6 inches, plus an opening of 1 1/4 inches. This makes the bracelet 7 1/4. The bracelet weighs 59 grams. The total width of the bracelet including the silver is 3/8 inch.
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