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Hachita Ribbon Turquoise Earrings

Product Code: Earrings002
Stone Type: Hachita Ribbon Turquoise
Hachita Ribbon Turquoise Earrings
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  • Hachita Ribbon Turquoise Earrings

    Own an absolutely stunning pair of simple silver drop earrings with cabochons cut from the vein of Turquoise in it’s host rock known as “Boulder Turquoise” or “Ribbon Turquoise”. Navajo artisan Jeremy Delgarito really did a great job of show casing this gorgeous new cut of natural American Turquoise in these sterling silver and Hachita Ribbon Turquoise Earrings. The simplicity of the silver work in these drop earrings keeps the focus on the beautiful natural American Turquoise cabochons. Each of the New Mexico Turquoise cabs is simply sterling silver bezel set in these dangle style Ribbon Turquoise Earrings. One of the really nice features of these particular Sterling Silver Drop earrings is that you get to see the Turquoise cut from its natural state as a vein in the limonite host rock. The simplicity of these Hachita Ribbon Turquoise Earrings makes them very easy to wear on a frequent basis. Native American handmade in Colorado, these Hachita Turquoise Dangle Earrings features the American Indian hallmark “J”.

    Details on these Ribbon Turquoise Earrings:

    Each stone is approx. : 7/8 inch long X 1/2 inch wide. The earrings ( left and right sides together ) weighs 10 grams. Total length is 1 3/4 inches long.